saraya resort


Leros - the green, fertile island of the Dodecanese

On the island of Leros, just 150 meters from the sandy beach of Alinda bay, the SARAYA RESORT is located at the foot of a mountain. This island of verdant green mountain ridges, fresh springs and Mediterranean woods remains much as it was, and has always been, the island of Artemis, Goddess of Hunting. Green plains of oak, eucalyptus and pine stretch down to the sea. This friendly, peaceful landscape along with the island´s climate offer rest and relaxation for body and soul to all who visit it.

Leros has been blessed by nature with rich and distinctive scenery. Deep blue, crystal clear waters, clean beaches and the mountains with their lush growth invite the adventurous visitor to explore. The island has much to impress the visitor: an imposing fortress, grand neo-classical mansions, romantic harbors and the main port of Lakki with its unique art-deco style. In late May, the waters have been warmed by the sun to a comfortable temperature and the island begins to awaken from its winter sleep…a glorious time for a stay on this beautiful island… perhaps the best. The comfortable temperatures and calm air from September to mid-October make this period ideal for a relaxed stay.

Distance from the nearest shopping center: 500meters
Distance from the beach: 150m-300m
Distance from the airport: 2,5km
Distance from the port: 2,5km

View to Agia Marina and the castle

View to the Alinda-Bay

The medieval castle


Port of Panteli

Agia Marina at night